Welcome to my "Dronography" page, dedicated to my drone and the associated photography and media. Enjoy!

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Composite video with drone footage of our Hawaii trip!

Hot-air balloon over the city!
Caught this one as a hot-air balloon from https://www.stlballooningadventures.com/ flew right over my house! Wanna go for a ride? Hit them up!

Historic flight over Chain of Rocks Bridge, and old water towers
These structures were built back in the 1800s, and this is a great tour through history on the Missouri river.

Flying With the Birds
Great video over the river and cliffs.

Drone Chasing over Klondike
Mike Baker and myself flying our drones together.

Creve Coeur Lake 4-24-17
Flying over Creve Couer Lake in Missouri.

High flying over Klondike Park, MO- 6/12/17
Flying over Klondike Park i n Missouri.

Parks flying - 3/7/17
Flying over Klondike Park and Washington Park in Missouri.

Washington Riverfront - 6/10/17
Flying over Missouri Riverfront, Washington MO.

Union MO - 3/22/17
Flying over the city of Union MO

Triking in Route 66 State Park
Triking in the park