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Our trip to Honolulu Hawaii!

(WMV Format, 70 Meg Download)
Me in my Rans S6ES in action over Hermann and Rhineland Missouri, July 2007
Escape by Hoobastank

(WMV Format, 66 Meg Download)
Boating on Mark Twain Lake, July 2009 with my daughter, and doing some crazy tubing!

....... (WMV Format, 120 Meg Download)
My friend Matt and I attached a video camera to my AeroLite 103 and made a great movie
Don't Tell Me What Love Can Do by Van Halen

(WMV Format, 55 Meg Download)
Flying the AeroLite 103 over Hermann MO.

..........(WMV Format, 14 Meg Download)
Austin and I flew along with Gary Giesler in his Cessna Centurion, which I got to fly!
(handles better than my ultralight, that's for sure)

........(AVI Format, 52 Meg Download)
Another good flight movie. This one is like sitting at the controls of my AeroLite 103

.........(AVI Format, 35 Meg Download)
Boating on the Missouri River, Oct 08
Life on My Own by Three Doors Down

.........(WMV Format, 15 Meg Download)
Adam playing a boxing game on the Wii. Isn't he cute??!?!?

..........(MOV Format, 85 Meg Download)
Hellhead and I playing racquetball at the St. Ann Community Center, August 06

..........(WMV Format, 19 Meg Download)
A great aerobatics movie with some of the legends of the world aerobatics performers
with some great in-flight footage.